Denial of responsibility

Denial of responsibility
This disclaimer applies to users who use
The User agrees with the following conditions disclaimer.
Markts, the MARKTS initiative and trademark registered in the Chamber of Commerce under the number 77061527, grant you access to and publish texts, images and other materials for information. Markts reserves the right to modify the contents or delete details at any time without informing them.
Information about is intended as an optional, and not as a specific proposal to conclude an agreement.
Limited liability
Markts aims to update and / or supplement the contents of as often as possible. Despite this care and attention, it is possible that the content is incomplete and / or incorrect. The materials offered by are offered without any warranties or claims for correctness. These materials may be modified at any time without notice from Markts.
In particular, all prices for are subject to input and programming errors. The consequences of such mistakes are not accepted. Prices were compiled with the greatest possible care and received from relevant websites. Markts does not affect these prices and does not change their respective web stores. You should know that is not intended to conclude an agreement. is only informative and refers to the relevant web shops.
The content of is partially obtained using automated tools. Markts does everything possible to update and / or supplement this content as often as possible. However, it is possible that this content is incomplete, outdated and / or incorrect.
Users can post content on Markts does not have any prior or oversight of this, but will seriously investigate complaints about the contents of the user and intervene where necessary. Please contact us through the contact form. Markts acts only as an information and communication platform and is not responsible for violations committed by users with respect to the rights of third parties. Markts does not affect user behavior.
Markts makes every effort to ensure that there are no harmful or contaminated files (viruses, worms, Trojan horses) on the Markts resource. However, Markts can not guarantee their complete absence. Therefore, users of the website must always protect themselves from such malicious files.
Markts can never take responsibility for sites on on websites or third-party services.
All intellectual property rights relating to these materials are owned by Markts and its licensors and visitors.
Copying, distribution and any other use of these materials is not permitted without the written permission of Markts, with the exception and only to the extent required by regulatory enactments of the compulsory law (for example, the right to cite), unless otherwise specified in the specific materials.
It is forbidden to include web pages or individual elements (for example, images, video or interactive applications) in a set of frames or via an embedded link on another web page, if confusion in the origin of the material may arise.
Disclaimers may vary from time to time. He deserves attention to read this reservation with some regularity.
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