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Help and Information



We want you to be safe at Markts, make good use, and have a good time. Fortunately, most Buyers and Sellers of Markts have good intentions. But, unfortunately, there are people who try to abuse your trust. To prevent this from happening Markts makes every effort to do so. And provides secure payments, shipping via PostNL. You can also prevent a lot of trouble. Based on our experience and with


Be sure to read a few simple rules so you can make safe trades.


1. Stay sane

If something seems too cheap to be true, it sometimes happens.

Ask the source about the reason for the sale.


2. Contact the seller via chat of our website.

And all questions about payment and receipt of goods, or services will remain in the chat Markts. People with bad intentions try not to leave a trace, so will contact you on the phone, or in third-party chats.


3. Check out the seller

Check the seller's data on the

Make sure you have a complete idea of who you're dealing with. Browse other ads from the seller, how long it has been registered with Markts, as well as reviews of the seller. Check the seller on the internet, through search websites and social networks. Never hand over copies of your credit and debit card documents. Even if the buyer or seller asks for it.


4. Seller's data

Ask the seller to chat our website with the full address of the seller's residence, or the place where you should meet. The name of the street should be completely, without abbreviations, postcode. Always ask the seller's phone number and talk to him on the phone, ask for his name and write down.


5. Payment

Always use the payment systems that Markts, your bank, credit card, or PayPal provides. Never use payment systems that you don't know, and they seem strange to you.


6. If it happens that you have been deceived, then be sure to report it to the


How to make announcements

 To make your ad a buyer find faster, be sure to write Meta keywords and meta descriptions for each ad.

These tags are vital to promote your ads to search engines such as Google, Rambler, Yahoo and others.

If you want to sell in your area, write an ad in your own language. If you want to sell in other countries, it is better to write an ad in English.


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