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Dec 26, 2017


We recently started and are currently making technical settings. but nevertheless now you can advertise your goods and services. 
Our site is multilanguage, maybe there are translation errors, if in the text in your language, you noticed errors, then send us the link 
of the page where the error is, and write the correct text. For the assistance provided you will receive a promotional code. About all 
comments and shortcomings, write to us, we will be very grateful to you for your patience and help. And we will try, in the shortest 
possible time, to fix and correct all the shortcomings. Your opinion is very important to us.

Have a good day and good luck in advertising your products.

Aug 20, 2017

News for August 20 2017

Dear users, let me tell you in a nutshell what opportunities you will get on our Free Classified Classifieds.

Free services
1. Place an unlimited number of ads.

2. Up to 3000 characters can be used in the ad description. And as to place up to 12 photos.

3. Put your goods on the Auction.

4. Receive notifications about the product that has fallen in price.

At your request, to accelerate sales, you can use additional paid services.
1. The description of the ad can use up to 6000 characters. And as to place up to 24 photos, 1 video clip.
2. Get your page of ads (your store).

3. Get your dealer page (your store).

4. Raise your ads in the top line.

5. Select your ads in a different color.

6. Place your ad in the Featured section.

7. Place an advertising banner.

If you have questions about how to place ads, then do not hesitate to write to technical support.
We will answer the shortest time.

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