Additional Options

Additional options
- Recommended
Your ad will appear at the top of the first page, buyers will see your ad first, and thus increase your sales by 2-3 times.
-   5 days - € 1.00-
- 10 days - € 2.00-
- 15 days - € 3.00-
- 30 days - € 4.00-
- Priority
Your ad will appear on the search results page at the top and accelerate the sale of your Product or Service 3 times.
Higher priority ads appear at the top level. Priority Ads will be displayed in random order.
Priority list:
Priority - € 1.00-
Recommended ads - € 1.00-
Highlighted ads - € 1.00-
Video ads € 1.00-
- Raise Ad Higher - € 1.00-
- Highlighted Ads - € 1.00-
On the search page and in the Categories your Ad will be highlighted in a different color and this increases the attention to your Ad at the buyer, and thus increases your sales by 2-3 times.
- Video Announcement - 3 days, € 1.00-
The name of the option speaks for itself, allows you to add video to your ad and is marked with the Video icon on the search pages. You need to insert a link or HTML code for YouTube video into the Field.
- Urgent - 3 days, € 1.00-
Your Ad will have a Red Button with the inscription: “Urgent”, buyers react to such Ads very quickly, and this will greatly accelerate the sale.
- Link to the site - 5 days - € 1.00-
If you have your own website, then you can put a Link in the Announcement and thereby increase traffic to your resource.
- Automatic Repost Classifieds - € 1.00-
If you have not sold your product for the allotted period, and you do not have time, or you may forget to reinstall your ad, then you can use the Auto Repost option.
- Bulk Loading Ads (Import - Export) - A very useful option for those who have a lot of ads. This feature makes your work easier and saves you a lot of time. You can import your many Ads with one click.
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